About the Bookkeeper...

Leigh Layton

For almost 25 years, I've built a career in helping small businesses work more efficiently.  I didn't set out to do this; in fact, I wanted to be a veterinarian.  But it turns out, I've got a knack for process, systems, training and coaching.  It's with these skills that I aspire to help my clients and to bring a little calm to the craziness of running your own business.

Bookkeeping has been a steadfast thread throughout my career.  All the services I offer are specialties I've learned and cultivated since 1995. 

For the Hollywood unabridged version of my story, feel free to peruse me on LinkedIn.

I live in East Atlanta Village in Atlanta, GA with my husband and our 4-legged children, Porkchop, Tater Tot and Conor.  I'm a die hard Tottenham Hotspurs fan, avid birder and voracious reader.