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My entire career has been working with small businesses, solopreneurs and team, and as a result, I've learned how to build those very businesses.

We're talking operations and administration here - the behind-the-scenes-where-things-get-done stuff.  Systems, checklists/templates (and the endless, ever-changing list of other tools), efficiencies, best practices - all of which can be passed forward and improved upon over time by you and/or your team.

My niches are residential real estate agents, teams and brokerages.  This entails training staff in various operational roles: listings, contracts, closings, and general office administration.  Often the trickiest part of bringing on a new team member is sacrificing your time to train them.  I can ease that challenge and give you back the time you need to focus on building new client relationships.

However, I can train in other settings as well.   For instance,  I have a client who is an accountant, and she has brought on a new staff member to handle the day-to-day operations.   My client hired me to both assess her operational practices while at the same time training the newest member on how to best set up and implement those practices.

Another example is that of a medium-sized real estate broker who has a talented staff member who wants to take ownership of the company bookkeeping, a full-time job in their world.  My client hired me to train the team member on fundamental bookkeeping practices and Quickbooks Online.